Hey, I’m Pete. Thanks for checking out my blog! Cooking is both a passion and a punishment for me. Cog in the corporate wheel by day, husband and father of 2 by evening, getting a tasty and satisfying dinner on the table can sometimes be an afterthought at best, or a downright chore at worst. But when I get inspired or find a little time to plan a nice meal (or when forced to because company is due over!) I absolutely love coming up with new twists on recipes, expanding my family’s palate, and just having fun in the kitchen. I’ve always wanted to write a cookbook, but I figure I’d go digital instead.

Speaking of cookbooks, I generally treat recipes and ingredient lists as “suggestions” and I hope you’ll do the same with my posts. Experiment, tailor to your tastes, whatever works. I want to post recipes that are not only delicious but also family friendly – your kids will not only eat them, they can help prepare them! My kids may even have a guest post or two! And no, I won’t be sticking exclusively to dinner dishes.  Oh, and with a little help from my amazing and beautiful wife, I’ll also have wine pairings and sometimes even musical pairings to offer!

Please comment on and share anything and everything you like — I love to discuss culinary ideas and inspirations! Help me spread the word!

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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